Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Stuck in 7th Grade

Alright, so I have been more than a little hesitant to start a blog, but my friend Julie convinced (aka- forced) me to start one. Apparently the best way to get me to do things is have Julie talk me into them -

Julie:"Hey, Kari- be in this cooking club, play soccer, read this book, do a blog!"

Kari: "Okay!"

Really, I do love Julie. She gets me to get out of my comfort zone. Now I have given a myriad of reasons as to why I haven't blogged- "I'm too busy, It's like a Christmas card letter everyday, I will get addicted to it." Anyone of those reasons is valid enough - but I think I have figured out one more nagging reason behind my hesitancy...It makes me feel like I am in 7th grade again. You know that feeling of "Where is my locker?", "Will anyone sit with me at lunch?", "I'm not as popular as Stephanie Streeter."(Doesn't that just sound like a popular girl's name? Stephanie Streeter is actually a very nice girl, but she was blonde, a cheerleader and a hottie- everything I wasn't in 7th grade.) But with my blog it is-"Will anyone read my blog?", "Will I have a long list of friends I like to blog with?", "People won't comment on my blog." I know this sounds very silly, but it is how I feel when I am doing something new that is uncomfortable. I consider myself a fairly confident person in most scenarios, but give me something new and I feel like I'm 13 again. 13 must have been a very transitional year for me- and I suppose for a lot of people- because I revert right back to those feelings even though I am a 30 something college graduate who is raising 4 children- pretty well in my opinion. Anyway I have decided to embrace my inner 13 year old and show her who is boss by just doing it whether anyone cares about my blog or not. So I haven't decided whether this blog will be a place to release my creative writer or brag about my children or vent or count my blessings- maybe a combination of them all. But in honor of my first official posting I am including a picture of myself in 7th grade.

Now you tell my -why would this girl feel insecure about anything?!? :) A few editorial comments about this picture- yes, those pants are hiked up to my bra-line- although I don't know if I had a bra on at the time, I wore that style of glasses for years- I just got rid of a pair just like them seriously about 2 years ago! And this picture was taken at a Girls' camp in the 80's when a rainbow didn't have the same significance it has today! My challenge to anyone who may read this is to put as goofy a picture as you can find of yourself at age 13 on your blogs. Release your inner 7th grader!


amberjill said...

Dang Kari!! Compared to that picture, yes, we are all pretty too!!! HAHAHAHA I'm very impressed, however, I'm not sure I'm up for the challenge...ok I'll work on it!

Julie said...

Can I say it again...I LOVE YOU!!! You are seriously the funniest looking...wait...I mean funniest person I have ever met. I am still laughing. I dont think I will stop all day. YOU ROCK!!

Sarah Idiart said...

Kari, I swear I was your twin in 7th grade, it will take me awhile to find it, but I have an identical picture (different shirt) but same glasses, hairdo, geeky smile and high pants. I still like my pants that way, but broke down and bought some hip hugger type, teeny-bopper pants. Now my butt cracker shows all the time and I'm always pulling them up. I have to buy a belt, but apparently, they don't make them in my size.

Kelly said...

Another benefit to blogging is to have people stumble across your blog that you haven't talked to in a long time. This is Kelly Sharples - I think I know you - we have a few connections 1) I went to school with Eric, 2) we lived in the same dorm at BYU and 3) you are a master spinner at the Park Center! Is this the same Kari? If so, I'm glad you are blogging. I found your blog through Julie's.

Julie said...

Kari !!!!
I love you. I had no idea you were so hillarious!!! I would have loved to have been your friend at 13. You look like you were my type. Happy blogging.
Love - Kamille.

The Petersons said...

Do you have anymore pictures of you in 7th grade? Because that picture has left me wanting to see more! I love it. I took your challenge. Nothing compared to yours, but I did it!