Monday, July 23, 2012

Accomplishing Goals and All the Wrinkled Ladies

About 3 years ago I created a 100 item bucket list and put it on my blog.  I have accomplished a few over the years but this month I can check two off the list,
#67- Break 100 in bowling.  I accomplished this one today!  I took my kids bowling this afternoon and I started off with my usually pathetic bowling skills.  I truly am an awful bowler.  I think I over analyze it and try really hard to keep my wrist straight and follow through but I end up always to one side or the other and quite often in the gutter.  For the first six frames I had a total score of 31-really!  Here is how my mind worked during those first frames.
First attempt thoughts-"I will just bowl whatever way cause I am with my kids at a nearly empty bowling alley." So then I would generally get about 6 pins down.
Second attempt thoughts- "That was pretty good.  I bet if I kept my wrist straight and aim for the few remaining ones I could get a spare."  So then I would get a gutter ball because I was so focused on doing well.  So for the first six frames my score went like this:
No joke.  So after the 6th frame I decided to just have fun with it and told my kids we should all do a granny bowl for the next frame and see who gets the highest score.  My kids loved it and I actually scored during both attempts.  So from then on out we came up with new ways to bowl and names to call the moves.  So a strike and a few spares later my score was 106!  Now I know this probably doesn't count as an official breaking 100 in bowling, but I'll take it because I don't think realistically that I will EVER get 100 in a serious game of bowling.  But in case your bowling skills resemble mine- here are a few of the moves we used and the names we created for them:
Granny shot- spreading your legs and swinging the ball between them and letting it go as your arms come forward
Granny with cataracts shots- Same as above but with your eyes closed
Drunk granny shot- Turned around backward, legs spread, bent over and rolling the ball between your legs
Drunk granny with cataracts shot- Same as above but with your eyes closed
My personal favorite and most successful shot was the drunk granny.
You're welcome for the pre-Pioneer Day gift!

The other bucket list item I accomplished this month was #21- Donate my hair to "Locks of Love."  I was planning on taking a picture of my hair and my hairdresser cutting it off but then I forgot.  So here are some recent pictures of me at our ward girls camp performing "All the Wrinkled Ladies" with the other YW leaders.

Note my bishop in his own tutu and purple hair.  He was a good sport.  Although he did get out of actually dancing cause here he is creating a strobe effect with two flashlights.

I love this one cause of the face of the leader behind me.

I love this one because I had told the leaders just to follow my lead during part of the song.  Here I was trying to "drop it drop it drop it low", thinking they wouldn't really be following me to the floor and low and behold they actually were.
So you are welcome for your second pre-Pioneer Day gift!