Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slice of life

I don't have any big story to tell this week, just some cute stories I don't want to forget.
We actually made it to the library this week. A feat I wish I could make happen more often. One of my favorite sounds, or should I say lack of sounds, is the silence during the car ride home from the library when everyone is engrossed in their new books. During that evening I over heard Katie reading a library book to Suzie. One of the characters in the book had a particularly difficult name to pronounce. So Katie asked Suzie what name she wanted the girl character's name to be, to replace the name she couldn't pronounce. I was expecting Suzie to give a suggestion like Makenna or Sally or Jessica- her usual go-to names when naming her dolls. So i was surprised when she came up with "Suck-ha." I couldn't help but smile every time I heard lines like..."Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Suck-ha." Or "Every night, Suck-ha put up a terrible fuss about going to bed."
One evening this week Eric and I were exchanging some PG, maybe mildly PG-13 texts before he came home from work. I have one of those phones that shows the whole text stream between two people like a conversation with those conversation bubbles. I had left the text stream open, set my phone down and turned around to make dinner. After a minute I turned around and saw that Finn had picked up my phone and was reading the texts between Eric and I. I asked Finn what he was doing and swiftly removed the phone from Finn's hands. He just turned red and started giggling, like only an 11 year old boy can giggle. I was afraid I had scarred him, but apparently all I did was jog his memory because a few minutes later he handed me a note about the 6th grade maturation program next week while saying, "I just remembered you have to sign this."
And if you want to know what those texts said, you'll have to ask me personally!
Another night during dinner the kids started having one of those "How come we never....?" conversations. One of my personal favorite whiny conversation starters where they list all the perceived injustices and deprived aspects of their childhood. The list can include such huge grievances such as "How come we never go on a Disney cruise?" to smaller infractions like "How come we never have chocolate milk?" An interesting phenomenon with these conversations is how they feed off each other. All it takes is one "How come we never...?" statement and the whole dinner conversation is ruined. Kind of like when you find that one moldy berry in the container. You know it won't take long before every other berry is ruined. I don't remember any of the other "How come we never...?" statements from this particular night. (I tend to go to my happy place when these conversations start.) But I do remember Suzie's compliant. I'm sure in an effort to keep up with her siblings and because she has been learning about colors in preschool, she came up with "How come we never see any rainbows?" Well that's a "How come we never..?" statement that though I can't do anything about, I certainly can appreciate. Maybe we should spend more time outside when it rains.