Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Next Installments of Adventures in Vocabulary

If you want to read the first installment go here.
But here are the latest:
Each week Suzie has to bring something to preschool that starts with the letter of the week. She was going all around the house one morning looking for something that started with "D". She finally decided on a doll. She proudly held it up to Katie and said,"Katie, I am taking a duh-duh doll (that is Suz emphasizing the D sound, in case you couldn't tell) to preschool today."
Katie's response, "I don't kuh-kuh care!"
Then the other day Suzie wouldn't get dressed for school. I usually let my girls dress themselves so I told Suzie if she didn't choose something to wear, I got to choose it for her. She said I could choose it so I got a sweater out. It was probably the first time she has worn a sweater this season. She let me know this by saying, "Really, mom? You are introducing a sweater?"
Finally yesterday we were getting ready to go to a family Halloween party and Suzie was putting on her Princess Fairy costume. She often will rhyme words as she is talking to herself. Like if I am holding keys she will say "key, tree, flee- hey those words rhyme Mom." Well as she was putting her dress on she was commenting on how itchy the dress was. Then she must have gone into her favorite rhyming game in her head because after a few minutes she told me her dress was "itchy- bitchy."