Thursday, April 18, 2013

My kids aren't the only ones getting awards around here!

Since we are approaching the season of end of the year assemblies and awards being given for straight A's, perfect attendance and all around awesomeness- I thought I would throw out my own recent award. 

That's right I got a "Dream Big " award from Arby's.  It's kinda big deal!;) Not really but I did get to have my picture posted at the Arby's close to the school I teach at along with two of my students.  Since my kids ADORE Arby's I took them there one evening and made them take a picture of me with my award and my picture. 

And even though this award isn't that big of an accomplishment, the little girl who is pictured below me, is one of my biggest accomplishments this year.  One the first day of kindergarten she screamed for two hours- no exaggerating!  Then she spent the first three months running around the room and crying whenever anything new or out of the ordinary happened-like the day I switched seats.  She took her name tag off her new seat and proceeded to rip off the name tag where she use to sit and replace it with hers.  She also vehemently refused to go with anyone to do any sort of testing- which if you are familiar with any school environment these days- that happens ALL the time.  But after some pretty intense behavior modification over the past 6 months, I am proud to say she is much more well-adjusted to a classroom environment.  She goes with just about anyone to do testing without complaint and she has learned to handle change a bit more gracefully.  She still has her moments but she has done an almost complete 180.  And I can honestly say I will miss her next year.  Which I can't say for all my students!;)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Viva Spring Break

This year's spring break wasn't as nearly as eventful as last year's- in a good way!  After going through about five different ideas for spring break that ranged from Yosemite to Grand Targhee, we finally decided on the most obvious choice- St George.  It was so obvious because my parents, who are currently on a mission in Las Vegas, had their time share week for part of the same week as our Spring break.  So we decide to not pass up free lodging and the opportunity to see grandma and grandpa. And bonus- my sister, Natalie and her family were going down too so we got to spend time with them too. We spent the week swimming, hiking in Snow Canyon and playing.

We also went down to Las Vegas to see Grandma and Grandpa.  We decided that since we were in Las Vegas, we should go down to the strip. My kids really wanted to go to M&M world. But after hiking over 16 blocks to and from M&M world from where we were parked to discover that M&M world is really just 4 levels of stores, lets just say my kids are so over the strip.  I told them it was like the hikes we take when we go to National Parks, but with different scenery. 


Not sure it was the best decision to take my kids- it was quite the education for them.  I knew it was a very stimulating environment to say the least because I had been there about 13 years ago.  But it is a whole new experience when you take your 14 year old son.  He couldn't look up at the buildings for the billboards, he couldn't look down at the street for the fliers and he couldn't look to the side for the bus signs.  I really wish I had brought some blinders for him.  But he was a good sport and it did create some good jumping off points for some good conversations with our kids on the way home.  The best quote of the day was by Suz.  We were walking out of the Venetian after having lunch there.  It is one of the hotels where you don't have to walk through the casino to get to the food.  But we got a little turned around and ended up walking by the casino on our way out.  Suz turned and looked at all the slot machines and said, "Oh- so this is where the arcade is!"
We decided next time we go to visit my parents, we will do our sight-seeing at the Las Vegas temple instead.  And after talking to my friend Lori- the fountain of all knowledge, I've come to find out that there are some pretty cool sights that are family friendly in Vegas- and a real candy factory that I think is more like what my kids were envisioning when they heard M&M world.  So next time, Mom, I have some great places to go!
But all in all-it was worth it to spent time with these people!