Sunday, July 21, 2013

The strange world of 14 year old boys and the difference between my girls.

So this was the scene on our trampoline recently- Finn and a neighbor kid wrestling on our tramp with another kid looking on.  They were locked in the pose on the bottom picture for a good 10 minutes.  Annie was walking back and forth through the backyard getting stuff and when she came back in she said, "Finn and Kalian look like they are hugging." Pause "They have been like that for forever." Pause "I don't think anyone is going to win."  The whole thing really baffled both Annie and I but I'm assuming it is pretty normal behavior for 14 year old boys to act like bear cubs.  I know it is nothing to worry about but it does cause some problems when Finn tries to do these moves on his sisters!
And speaking of his sisters- I recently had an experience with Katie and Suzie that concisely shows one of the main differences between these two girls.  I had gone out into our garden to get some basil for a salad I was making.  Suzie and Katie were both standing by the sink when I went to rinse it off.  Katie said, "What is that digusting smell?" While at the same time Suzie picked up one of the basil leaves, held it to her nose and said, "This smells awesome!  What is it?"  Suz is destined to work in food.  What 6 year old enjoys the smell of basil?!?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our 4th of July Holiday week

With 4th of July being in the middle of the week, we felt like we were celebrating all week long.  We had some highlights and some lowlights as well.

Getting to see some of my college roommates- some of whom I haven't seen in a few years.  It was great to catch up with these fun and amazing women
Lowlight: It was only for an afternoon- too short! (But I think Becky, Liz and Stacey will agree that it is my own fault it was too short.;)
 Watching the parade with lots of fun family and friends and ringing our "dingers" ( that one's for you mom!) as best as we could much to the embarrassment of my kids.
Lowlight: Having all the blankets I set out the night before to save our spot get soaking wet by the first rain we've seen in months and then trampled on by all the people setting up vendor tents right behind where we sat.
Another sad lowlight was having my aunt break her ankle in three places while walking to our spot in the park.  Luckily she was surrounded by paramedics within minutes because we sit by the end of the 5K route so there were still alot of them around.  And the park is right across the street from IMC so she got to be in the parade via an ambulance that took her across the street.  It was a pretty bad break.  So sorry Aunt Deirdre!
 Listening to Michael's clever parade banter.   Even though this nephew of mine looks a bit "special" in this picture- he really is a funny kid. When the floats with the different cities' royalty would come by he would he shout out, "My cousin here thinks you're hot!" while pointing to Finn.  Finn would smile and laugh sheepishly.
Lowlight: Having my neighbor's daughter get whacked in the neck by a flying otter pop that my brother-in-law threw out during the parade.
Watching the motorcycles pop wheelies.
Lowlight: Watching the zombies in the parade that are advertising the haunted house.  I do not enjoy this entry in the parade at all.

 Suzie and Katie doing some pretty sweet headstands in the Fun Days headstand contest!
Lowlight: Neither won but to quote Suzie, "At least I tried."
Getting to see Katie and Ava bust a move 3rd grader style!
No lowlight here- It was all pure joy!

Watching the street home-lit fireworks and the city fireworks.
Lowlight: Having one of the home-lit fireworks tip over and then go all haywire- firing into the bushes and within inches of people.

Watching Annie in her softball allstar tournament- unfortunately I forgot to take my camera.
Lowlight: Sitting in the 100 degree, humid weather on metal stands with very little shade and then they lost both of their tournament games.  But they gave it a good try and we still have one more tournament to go.  Hopefully I will try to bring my camera next time.
All in all- it was a great weekend!  Happy 4th!