Friday, March 26, 2010

"A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend will join you in jail and then talk about what a good time you had in there."

Have you ever had a friend who "gets" you? Have you ever had a friend who you can say just about anything to and you know they won't judge you or take it the wrong way? Have you ever had a friend who you can completely be yourself around? Have you ever had a friend who can bring out the silly, fun, ridiculous side of you? Well if you haven't I hope you do someday and if you do I hope you realize what a precious gift it is. My friend, Julie, is one of those people for me. We have only known each other about 5 years but our connection was so instantly strong that I'm pretty sure when we met it was just a reacquaintance from a previous relationship. (If you are LDS read: pre-existence; If you are Hindu or Buddist read: previous life.) I am not being glib or trite when I say that I truly believe our relationship was divinely guided. She came into my life at just the time when I needed a best friend like her. She has a gift to make people feel instantly comfortable and loved. I am always amazed to see how people transform in her presence.
She has truly become like another sister to me. In fact my younger kids think she is my sister. Just yesterday Katie was listing my sisters. She said, "There's Michelle and Natalie and Julie." I told that actually Julie wasn't my sister. She looked at me shocked and said, "She isn't?!?" But I do feel like she is a sister and
I have been accepted into her extended family as another sister too. (Even though only about half of her brothers and sisters recognize this!) It is a terrific arrangment because I get the benefits of another family... love, interest in me, including me in events, etc. and none of the responsibilities... if I don't want to go to said events I don't have to and I don't have to help anyone move. And speaking of moving that brings up the only problem with being a member of the family is they all love me and leave me. Julie's sister, Amber and sister-in-law Jen have both become good friends and then moved out of the state. And now even Julie is going to love me and leave me. She isn't moving out of state just probably about 20 minutes away. But that is really going to limit our leftover lunches, GNOs, hanging out at each other's houses and wasting time, and being able to drop everything and go to lunch. But I know 20 minutes won't change the great love and respect we have for each other.
So happy birthday to my sister from another mister! Thanks for joining me in my "jail" for awhile and then telling me what an awesome, amazing peron I was for making it through. And for making it sooooo much fun. I love you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Favorite March Arrival Arrived 11 years ago today!

So my all time favorite March arrival came 11 years ago today at about 3:15pm. My favorite son, Finn, was born and heralded in not only the spring season but also a new season in my life. So to commerate this occassion here are 11 things I love about Finn:

1. Unlike Charlie, see previous post and disclaimer, he WAS a pretty baby and 11 years later he is still a handsome devil.

2. He is so much like his father it is scary. A few weeks ago he was questioning me about why I was taking Suzie to have professional pictures taken of her. He was sure that our digital camera would do just as good a job as the photographer's camera and said that we should just take pictures of her at home. I informed him that on this subject he gets no opinion- a practice I have had to perfect with his father!;)

3. He is the consummate boy scout. He was born with the boy scout motto of "be prepared" running through his veins. Once when he was about 5 we were getting ready to go to a cabin for the weekend. He wanted to pack everything but the kitchen sink in his backpack. I weeded out several useless items but he insisted that he bring his flashlight. I tried to assure him we wouldn't need a flashlight because he were staying in a cabin with electricity. But he wouldn't part with it. And wouldn't you know it the power went out at the cabin just when we were getting ready for bed and whose flashlight do you think we used... yep, Finn's crayola one!

4. Not only is he prepared he is also extremely responsible. This past weekend I was running a race in Moab and he overheard that I had to get up at 6:30 am to get ready. At 6:35am he came into my room and woke me up saying, "Mom, its 6:35- you need to get up for your race."

5. He has worked really hard this year to keep his grades up.

6. Despite some standard brotherly teasing, he is a terrific older brother to his 3 crazy sisters.

7. He has a quick wit and a great sense of humor. (Warning: 11 year old potty humor coming up!) We were at a restaurant with Finn's cousins- Michael and Jeffrey and Eric asked the boys if they wanted refills on their drinks. Finn said he didn't need a drink refill but that he needed to go give the toilet a "refill."
8. He is so much like his father in several good ways that it just has to be mentioned again. He is Eric's "mini-me."

9. Even though he has started to be more reluctant about it, he is almost always obedient.

10. He is a great example to his family and friends.

11. He has a tender, kind heart that he can't hide from his mom... just like his Dad can't hide either as much as they both might try!

Love you Finn!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Arrivals

There are a few things that are making their appearance in March that need mentioning.

First-place arrival- I am an aunt for the 18th time! Here is a picture of my sisters's 6TH BOY!

Charlie Paulsen Wood
Does she and her husband ever produce some manly babies or what? He looks very much like all his brothers and he is very cute, but not a very pretty baby! Don't worry- my sister was the first to say this. And all her boys are extremely handsome. I'm feeling so guilty about saying he is not a pretty baby that I have to include a picture of all her boys in case you don't know her.

When my sister found out she was having another boy, I think I was more shocked than she was. She had had a very distinct dream about a little, blonde girl in a pink sleeper even before she was pregnant with Charlie. I also have had a distinct dream about a little dark-haired girl who looks like Eric when I was pregnant with Katie. So since all my girls have very-red hair and all Michelle's children have very manly parts and faces, we have decided that her blonde-haired pink adorned little girl and my dark-haired female Eric are off playing together in the clouds. Just don't expect any appearances any time soon. They must be grand-daughters or something!

Tied for first place arrival in March:

These people are coming home this month! We are excited to have them back. And I think they are ready to come home. My Dad fell a few weeks ago hurting his foot and my mom worked herself into a week-long headache last week. So they are ready to come home and relax and of course resume baby-sitting duties!;)

A close second place arrival in March:

These are a close second to the birth of a nephew and the return of my parents because although I haven't seen my parents in 18 months, it has been a full year since I have seen these beauties! It always brightens my day when my cute neighbor shows up on my porch with a bag full of these. And I almost always forget that I have ordered them. And don't worry I ordered even more from another friend's daughter and they will be making their arrival around the middle of March. Of course I have to hide them from my children not because I don't intend to share them but because they come in like a swarm of termites and do this to a full box in 5 minutes flat!

I already have a special stash of Samoas in my bedroom for just Eric and I.
Isn't March grand?!?