Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adventures in Vocabulary

You can tell I am learning about the importance of building up a young child's oral language and vocabulary when Suzie says to me, "Mom, if you don't read this book to me, I will literally kill you, literally." and I am more excited about the fact that she knows how to properly use the word "literally" than I am disturbed about the fact that she wants to end my existence.
Also another vocabulary highlight is this past weekend I finally learned the meaning of the word "shawty" in current hip-hop songs. I have heard it in many songs recently like "Shawty always burning on the dance floor." Or more often in the Justin Bieber song- "Shawty is an eenie-meenie-minnie-mo-lover." I was concerned it might be a dirty, vulgar or derogartory term (because even Suzie will sing the latter Justin Bieber phrase over and over again). But my young women came to my rescue this weekend at youth conference and informed me that it is just a slang term for "girl." Good to know cause I don't want to be like my mom and misuse it in my testimony by saying something like "I sure do love all my shawties." like my mom did when she was a seminary teacher and a group of boys told her that "bad-a" meant "bad attitude" so she proceeded to say across the pulpit when she was released "I will sure miss all my bad-a students." Then of course there was the "b----in'" incident. But we'll save that story for another installment of Adventures in Vocabulary.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good thing I wasn't swearing....

Annie turns the big double digit tomorrow. On Sunday as we were getting ready for church Annie asked if I would make her some toast for breakfast. I was rushing to get ready and said, "Annie, you are almost 10 years old. You are old enough to fix your own breakfast."
Suzie must have overheard this because that evening we were having a friend over for dinner whom Annie told it was her birthday this week. When the friend asked how old she was going to be Suzie quickly replied, "Old enough to fix her own breakfast."