Sunday, September 18, 2011

It wouldn't be our family vacation if...

Over the part few years many of our family trips have been centered around Utah Football and this year is no different. So to record this most recent Utah football-driven trip to SoCal I thought I would describe some of the things that make our family trips "our" family trip. So here is the non-comprehensive list of "It wouldn't be our family vacation if..."

*There weren't several, varying comments made by the male family members about the tiny size of the female family members' bladders.

*The tiniest of those bladders didn't quite make it to the first bathroom at the very first place we visited. Sorry if you happened to be walking into the bathroom right outside the entrance of the San Diego Zoo around 11am on Labor Day. That wasn't a puddle of water you walked through...

*The owner of that bladder then didn't get a sweet new dress as her not-planned souvenir (We have established a strict "Souvenirs are only purchased on the last day of the trip" and this was the first day) to wear around the San Diego Zoo. (She also almost went commando in the zoo too but Eric insisted on her wearing her rinsed out underwear. But it kinda worked out well for her cause it acted as a sort of swamp cooler.)
*All the owners of the other tiny bladders didn't complain about Suzie getting to break the "Souvenir Rule" and wearing down Mr. Moneybags for a souvenir from the zoo too.

*We didn't force our kids to go on rides they don't want to go on, have their picture taken, buy the picture and then laugh and laugh! For another example of this check here.

*I didn't play MY favorite Disneyland game... "Spot the Mormons." To a trained eye they are so easy to find and Disneyland is crawling with them. Of course there are the telltale signs like a "BYU" hat or a bajillion kids. But a more subtle indicator is we are the only ones who have a white shirt under our tank tops when it is like a 105 degrees! *The Utes didn't lose on a road game we go to. :(

* We weren't spoiled by Dad with a week of fun and entertainment!