Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Rag-a-Muffin's 3rd Happy to You

I can't believe my baby is 3 years old! This child is the most pleasant, friendliest, loving little munchkins you'll ever meet. And that's saying something coming off the "supposed" terrible twos. But in my experience three year olds are a lot harder than two year olds. So consider this- tap, tap- my virtual knock on wood. But in honor of Suzie's 3rd "Happy to You" I wanted to write down a few things about her.
* She gives the best hugs and sloppy kisses while saying, "I love you SOOO much mommy!"
* She is a food lover. She will eat just about anything and has very adult tastes eating things like fresh tomatoes and avocadoes straight from the skin. I am often guilty of cleaning up her food before she is done and she calls me on it almost every time. She will go off playing and I will clear it off or eat it myself! and she will come back asking, "Where's my food mommy?" She is very aware of what she has left. She also asks me everyday what's for dinner. Like her mom, she likes to have her mouth all set for what is in store.
*She is everyone's favorite- hands down. But being the baby may have something to do with this.
*She is really fun to give gifts to. You could give her a half used/chewed up eraser and she would think it was the greatest thing in the world. When she got the above pictured Princess teapot from her Aunt Jessica, she said, "OH, a Drinkpot!" with such enthusiasm and excitement.
*She says the funniest things. This morning I ran out of time before I had to go run errands, so I didn't get a chance to do her hair. (Me not doing my girls' hair...shocking- I know!) We were driving in the car and she said in frustration, "Mom, my hair is looking at me." I glanced back at her not understanding at all what she was talking about and saw her hair in her eyes. I said, "Oh, is your hair in your eyes?" She said, "Yeah, my hair keeps looking at me and I don't like it." Man I hate it when my hair looks at me!
So this picture is a 3 year old Suzie with her hair looking at her while holding her "drinkpot."
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I've decided that the key to being successful with New Year's Resolutions is to set really simple, attainable goals for yourself. For example my sister's new year's resolution last year was to floss every day. And even though she didn't accomplish it and I had to remind her that was her goal halfway through the year, it was a simple goal for a mother of 5+ children to have. I overheard another mom of 5 children say her goal this year was to moisturize everyday. Now that is a woman who understands her limits.
So in this spirit I am setting 2 New Year's Resolutions for myself. I allowed myself 2 because I only have 4 children and no one in diapers, so I have a bit more disposable time.
1. Use coupons more. I use to be extremely frugal and very careful about what I spent. I have gotten out of this habit, but I want to start it up again. I'm hoping to finally make back the 20 bucks I spend on Happenings books every single year!
2. Use my kids more. It has come to my attention that I do things for my children that they are perfectly capable of doing for themselves, but continue to allow me to do them because I will. Case in point- Last night I was serving up dinner for my kids and Finn asked me to pour him a glass of milk. I said, "Finn you are almost 11 years old. Back in the olden days, kids your age were traveling for days on horseback by themselves... having to find food for themselves and sleeping alone under the stars. I think you are old enough to pour your own glass of milk." Eric pointed out that also back in the olden days the life span was 30 years old so Finn would practically be middle-aged. True, but if the average life span is now 76 I still think Finn is at the point where he can pour his own milk. I just won't expect him to be traveling by horseback, scavenging for food and sleeping under the stars until at least his mid-thirties.
So my new mantra to ask myself when I am doing something is, "Is this something my kids can do?" If yes, then I will stop doing it and give them the opportunity to do it.
Also I know I haven't posted any new "boyfriend" recipes lately. But I am working on a few. It is my turn to host Cooking Club this month and I've got some good ones.