Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Day in the Life...

It seems like the only posting I have time for these days is just quick stories about funny things my kids say or do. But it is what it is and here's the latest:
A few weeks ago we had our 2nd annual Grandma Talent Show. My mom's birthday is in November and instead of presents, she requests that all the grandkids perform in a family talent show. We have only done it twice but it is already turning into a tradition that everyone enjoys. I must say that the highlight the past two years has been Finn playing his tuba. What makes is so entertaining is the tuba is not really a solo instrument, but Finn plays it with such pride, gusto and heart that he makes it seem like it should be in the spotlight of any orchestra performance. This year, before the talent show began, Finn was practicing in my sister's living room with some cousins listening in. The rest of us were finishing up dinner in the kitchen. When Finn was done he came into the kitchen and my mom remarked, "Finn, I really enjoyed your practicing." To which he proudly replied with a smile on his face, "I wasn't practicing. I was changing lives!"
Suzie has a little friend in her preschool whose name is Claire McDonough. Claire's mom is a high school friend of my sister, Natalie. We were visiting my mom one day and Suzie started talking about her friend, Claire. My mom, wanting to know if the Claire Suzie was talking about was the same one she knew, asked, "What is Claire's last name?" Suzie replied, "Claire Old McDonald."
Yep! That's the one she knows!

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Favorite picture of...

Suzie in her "itchy b----y" dress!