Monday, May 30, 2011

The Dance of our Marriage

Eric is a little heavy-handed when it comes to bleach. He can't stand it when our whites start getting that moldy smell, so often when he does a load of whites he will add bleach. I appreciate this because it means he is actually doing laundry and I'm not a fan of that smell either. But when I do a load of whites, not everything is completely white. Some things may be off-white or have a little bit of color in them, so I generally don't add bleach.
Last night I put a load of whites in and unbeknownst to me Eric added some bleach after I had started the load. This morning I was getting the whites out of the dryer and could smell and see the results of the bleach. My off-white tank top was now more of a white-gray color and one of Eric's light colored shirts was faded and unwearable. I went to discuss the dos and donts of adding bleach to a load with Eric. Without seeing the laundry, he claimed that the bleach didn't fade anything. But after seeing the clothes he said, "That bleach really did change the color of your tank-top. Sorry."
Me: "That's ok. I can replace it easily. I was more concerned about your shirt."
Eric: "That's alright. I didn't really like that shirt anyway."
Me: "Hey! I gave you that shirt."
Eric: "And I appreciate it."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Suzie is and isn't a big fan of.

We live in the same neighborhood as David Archuleta. Recently David and his mom were visiting our across the street neighbor. Eric was in the front yard with Katie and Suzie. He saw David and said to the girls, "Hey girls. David Archuleta is across the street. You should go say hi." Suzie replied, "No thanks Dad. I'm not that big a fan."
Another day Suz and I were going into the mall when she spotted two little baby birds hopping along the parking lot. She grabbed me hand and pointed to the two birds saying, "Mom, look at the cute little birdies!" Without missing a beat she followed this up with, "Oh man! We should've brought Finn's gun so we could shoot 'em and eat 'em!"
So to recap, here is what Suzie is a fan of:
Little, cute baby birdies
Shooting cute baby birdies
And eating cute baby birdies
And here is what she isn't a fan of:
David Archuleta

Sunday, May 1, 2011



Jenessa is what Suzie named our Schizophrenic Springtime Snow-Woman! We just wish that if Mother Nature decides to give us 6 inches of snow on April 30th, she would at least have the courtesy to kill the weeds (but not our spinach) with the snowfall. Seriously... have you ever seen grass that green under a snowman!?!