Friday, May 29, 2009

Maryland is very lucky.

This is my friend Amber. Most people would probably be upset at me for posting a picture like this of them on their public blog. But not Amber, because that is the type of person and friend she is. We all have different friends and acquaintances that we have varying levels of comfort with. In just three short years Amber has become one of my closest and most comfortable friends. And since she is moving all the way to Maryland in less than 3 days, I wanted to proclaim to the world the kind of friend she is:
She's the kind of friend who...
*I can pick my wedgie out in front of.
*knows my daily/weekly schedule, so she knows when she can call to chat or to babysit!:)
*knows all my secrets and loves me not only in spite of them but maybe because of them too.
*knows exactly how much she can tease or make fun of me.
*can match my wit text for text.
*loves my children.
*will defend me to the end... even to 80 year old VTing supervisors.
*I can talk to about anything.
*will force me to have a Snickers ice cream bar to keep myself from buying a bikini.
*shares her treats with me almost ever time she makes them.
*always has the ingredient I am looking for when I need to borrow one.
*will be goofy/dorky with me and then make fun of me for it.
*will drop everything to have lunch together.
*will let me swear in church and tell me I must be right because I didn't get struck down.
*allow me to become another sister in her family without having to marry any of her brothers.
*makes me laugh when I am crying.
*lets me cry.
*toilet papers my house.
*shares recipes with me.
*lets me rummage through her cupboards looking for treats.
Basically Amber has become like another sister to me and I feel like a little piece of my heart will be broken when she leaves on Monday. But my one saving grace is- like I said before- I feel like I have become a member of her family and when she comes to visit or they go to visit her- I had better be included! I have all the benefits of the family without all the obligation! Its great! I really do love you Amber and am so grateful for all you've done and brought to my life. I truly believe that the Lord moves us in and out of each other's lives just when we need them. And I don't doubt for a minute why you have been part of my life the past three years. The Lord knew I needed you. Now my only question is this: If the Lord feels like you are suppose to be in Maryland, what does that mean for my life?!?:) Because you know it really is all about me and my needs. Seriously, sisters/friends like you are rare to find and I will have a hard time finding someone to fill your shoes. But in case anyone wants to know Julie and I are accepting Sister/BFF applications for anyone who wants to apply.
I love you Amber! Maryland is indeed very lucky.


Natalie said...

And they ARE very lucky. Do they know what a superstar goalie they are getting? Do they know what a strawberry jam making fiend they are getting? We will miss you Amber. Thanks for being another sister to my sister.

p.s. Can I apply for the position?
Who's kiddin who, I'm probably not cool enough for Julie. And in no way can I be as cool as Amber.

Paul said...

Your post made me cry. I'm so sorry she's leaving you!


amberjill said...

you suck! but that picture is of my best side...well, one of them! :) thanks for being a sister to me, too. you are the sister i chose, not to be confused with the one i got! hahaha i refuse to admit that i'm moving, but i'm thankful for our friendship. and, i can't wait to see that rv show up in maryland during your church history tour of back east! it'll look GREAT in my driveway! :)

ps i'll take online crying over face to face crying anytime, so let's not cry tomorrow! love you!

oh, and natalie totally fits the bill.... no little kids and free for lunch! for now anyway!

Julie said... made me cry!! You put it so perfectly. Amber is awesome in so so many ways. I am so happy you have had her so close by and you guys have your own little friendship. I am going to miss her too!! And yes...of course...when we go to Maryland there is no one I would rather go there with than you!! (So let Eric to continue to pay that annual fee:)) I love you Kari....we will survive this.

On a side note...Natalie, we have been begging you to fill out an app. for quite some time now. But you keep saying things like.."I am not cool enough for Julie." Part of being a BFF you have to proclaim that you are the coolest and we would be lucky to have you! ...I only speak the truth. Nat, your too cool for school!

Lori said...

We really need to pray that Walter can transfer to Utah in the future so we can have our Amber back.

The Christensens said...

Kari, you sure have a way with words. I think you have everyone crying. You should be the next Stephenie Meyer (: I'm so sorry Amber is moving but I'm here anytime you need a cold stone run.

Chelsea Pratt said...

I want to be her friend, too! I don't really know her but wish I did. You are just as amazing and I know she feels the same way. I hope you will find another fish in the sea to fill in the gaps while Amber is gone:)