Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Superhero Kids

I have recently discovered that my children possess superhero qualtities. "Oh, great!", you think. "Another post where a mom brags about her wonderful children." But read on - you may discover that your children/grandchildren possess similiar characteristics.

For example Suzie has the ability to dismantle a recently organized bathroom cupboard in 10 seconds flat. She also remarkably has the ability to flash a toothless grin that can diffuse any possible repercussions that would result from this trait!
Katie has the ability to express two competely opposite opinions within the same breath. This quality also gives her the ability to make grown men and women cry. I've noticed that she can be throwing a fit and still absorb what is being said to her. This has been evidenced when she has told Eric he needs to focus or that hitting and kicking are not good choices. Well, who knew she listening. Not me!

Annie has the ability to notice if I have anything new on- be it lipstick, earrings, shoes, or a new shirt. It is amazing how girly she can be. Her "new stuff" radar is razor sharp. Carrying on with her feminine instincts, she can also zero in on when anyone is upset or sad. I really wish she could teach her dad this superhero ability!

Finn has the ability to always have to go to the bathroom, wash his hands, stretch and generally stare off into the distance when it is time to be practicing the piano. He is suppose to practice for 30 minutes, but if I were to guess the actual time he practices I would say 15 minutes. He asked me how long "piano season" was- like soccer season or basketball season. He wasn't too thrilled when I said until he was 18. He also has the ability to make his 3 sisters smile at the same time. And I don't think it gets anymore Superhero than that!


Chelsea Pratt said...

Cute insights! Malery is like Annie and every day tells me that she wishes her wardrobe could be exactly like mine. She is always saying, "Is that new?" I hate it when she does that in front of her dad because too often, it is. She complains that they don't make cute clothes like that for girls her age. I can guarantee her opinion will change in a few years and she'll be embarrassed of me.

Julie said...

Finn makes Jaxynn smile too.

Kate said...

Great post!!!