Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Bedazzled Missys and a Mister

I don't know if very many people know this, but I have been training for a 1/2 marathon this winter. I ran this same one two years ago with my sisters and they talked me- aka forced me -into doing it again with them this year. My sisters are both much more "fit beasts" than myself- in fact they refer to me as a "fragile flower" when it comes to anything physical. But I agreed to do it this year again so I could lose the rest of my baby fat. My younger sister is getting married this month and has been on the LGN diet- if you aren't familiar with this diet I'll have to discuss it with you later. This is a G rated blog! And my older sister and I have been on the LGIBMDD diet. I can discuss this one- "Look Good in Bridesmaid Dress Diet" And that might even help you decipher the LGN diet. Anyway the race was this past weekend and I can honestly say it was so much fun. I'm sure there are several of you out there who think I am crazy to think running 13.1 miles is fun. But it truly was. My sister's finacee also ran with us as well as two of my cute cousins- Emily and Lisa. My Aunt Margie came to chaperone- :) and to be the designated photographer, clapper, treat provider, driver and freeway fetcher of beasts- this will be explained later! It was a great weekend of laughing, singing, not sleeping, story-telling, eating - oh and running. We all finished very respectably and good news- no one threw up although there was one casualty- again will be discussed later. I even improved my time from 2 years ago by 20 minutes. I attribute this to 3 factors- my incredible sister who stayed with me and wouldn't let me give up (in several areas of my life!), my Heavenly Father helping me because He knew I needed this weekend and caffeine pills. But more importantly we looked good running. We bought matching tank tops to run in as well as zebra stripped bandanas which Michelle bedazzled for us. J.J.- Natalie's fiancee even had a bedazzled bandana complete with at least one token pink jewel. (Yeah- he may not do this again with us!) Although this next part may not interest anyone except those who were there, here are some of the funny quotes or stories from the weekend that I wanted to remember:
*"Emily doesn't need an IPOD. She has herself."
*J.J. not willing to share a spoon with Michelle or even sleep with her for that matter- rude!:)
*All kinds of potty-talk like we were a bunch of 7 year old boys. Running brings out all kinds of stuff-literally!
*Lisa and Emily knowing someone every time we turned around and me seeing one person I knew- Finn's piano teacher's daughter- random I know but of course Emily knew her too! But we did have dinner with someone from my ward, but we didn't figure it out until the conversation turned to David Archuleta. I, of course, proudly claimed him living in my ward, but then this other guy we where having dinner with said he lived in his ward. What?!? Come to find out he lives on the street right behind me. Nice to meet you neighbor! In my defense he moved in two weeks ago!
*Everyone sending text messages to our cousin Jake.
*Margie's awesome salsa.-"Lisa" clap, clap "Salsa!"
*Quotes from several movies.
*Not being able to even recall the song "Sweet Violets" that our Grandma Sarah use to sing, but then being able to sing every single word once Margie provided the first line. I think our Grandma was close by at that moment.
*Talking about our near death experiences while driving in the deadliest canyon in Utah- Spanish Fork Canyon- then Margie hitting a deer but miraculously keeping us all safe with her expert driving skills. Then her pulling the deer from the middle of the freeway while a semi is bearing down on her. Just like the pioneer women of yester year who pulled deer from S.R. 71. Of course Spanish Fork canyon is now the deadliest canyon in the world!
I'm sure there are many more that I can remember and if any of my family remembers them- let me know! Here are some more pictures from the event:
My eternal visiting teachers! Man- do they have some guns?!?
After the race.
I sure do love my family-including my extended family. They fill me up and have made me who I am! I'm glad I get to be with them forever.


Lori said...

You are one amazing lady. I can't believe you ran a marathon, hit a deer and made it back to do sharing time! Thanks for being my friend!

Wayne said...

Congratulations! 13.1 miles is a dang long way to run. Good job!

Kate said...

Good for you!!! I think of Kelly the same way your sister's think of you...I think it's your skinny, boney body-type...which we are all jealous of! ha ha. I totally agree that races are so much fun! It brings out the adrenaline and competetiveness in a gal! I used to run 1/2 marathons all the time out in the great state of UT. Try the Park City trail 1/2 marathon's beautiful and soooo fun.
I'm so proud of you for kicking some arse! Shaving 20 minutes is hard....YOU ROCK!!!!
I'm still having a difficult time imagining you swearing/potty talk, etc., but I can see how Michelle could bring that out in you....she and I are a lot alike... ha ha! I heard Kelly swear for the 2nd time in my life when I was out there 2 years ago....still shocks me!!

Kelly said...

Kari - I am proud of you, but I just can't understand it... What's wrong with 3 miles (something I still can't do)?

youreprettytoo said...

There is nothing wrong with 3 miles. You just have to know my sisters. I did the Fun Days 5k three years ago and commented to my sisters that it really is fun and they somehow convinced me that if I could do a 5k than I could for sure do a 1/2 marathon. In some ways they are right. Believe me - if I can do- anyone can!

Thelissa said...

You guys are amazing. I would pass out, literally. They'd be cleaning me up off the road long after the race was over. Not pretty. I also hear that you cut 20 minutes off your time! Holy Cow. That in and of itself is a triumph! Great job Fragile Flower!

Chelsea Pratt said...

If they're half as amazing as you, then I wish I could be with them for eternity, too! Good job running a half-marathon. That is so ambitious and I bet you felt so great afterward. I need to try that.

Natalie said...

Boo yeah. We are fun. I have a couple items to add to the list:
1. Wanting to blame the deer incident on the hit and run fender bender.
2. Our sound effects on Spanish Fork Canyon... "oh look a deer!.. ohh..uhh...oh no!....OHHHHH! I think it was decapitated!"
3. "I'm real know...running."
4. I dropped my drawers in the parking lot right in front of JJ.
5. "I guess if I ran a marathon, I'd have to run more than 5 miles."
6. You and Michelle taking a page right out of Grandma Sara's book and thinking the rules about not having ipods don't apply to you.
7. Margie not knowing how to answer JJ's phone.
and finally...
8. Mom! Help! I think I've got a box! (Woohoo I'm laughing outloud as I type it)
Good job Missy. I'm real proud of you! You are no fragile flower in my eyes. I love you!

Jennica said...

Kari - This is Julie's friend Jennica blog stocking you... creepy I know. I just have to say how impressed that I am. My little sister has been trying to get me to run the Salt Lake Half Marathon... I have only done a
5k. I haven't fully commited. I want to talk to you and hear all about it. Get Julie... let's "do lunch" so you can tell me everything... I would love it.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! What a great accomplishment!

Seven Village Idiarts said...

Kari, you are SOOOO cool. . .I am really proud to even know you. . .and since I have to keep up with you, you did kiss my husband before I EVER did, I will now begin training for a 1/2 marathon. There are some grannies that run every morning that I serve with, that should be a good start for me. YOU ROCK!! OH, and I'm going to write about this new commitment on my blog, and possibly post a picture of us and the fab 5 in '92, IN YOUR HONOR. . .keep checking!

Crissy said...

you are amazing! good for you!! I am impressed!! I am also so sorry I didn't get your email about lunch last Thursday. Sorry. I am a delinquent email reader! I would love to try to find some time to hang out soon with you. Let me know when you are free. Love ya!

Allison said...

Yeah! You guys did awesome! I am so bummed that I couldn't be there this year. Not bummed about the running part, but bummed that I missed out on a bedazzled bandana! But, had I been there, I probably would have gone into labor on mile 2. Sounds like you had a blast!

Cora said...

Superhero moms produce superhero kids!! Way to go Kari. I'm jealous for real. I can't wait! Can I borrow your bandana??? You rock!! Congrats.

Cora said...

Cora is really Jen in disguise! That's my Superhero secret identity.

Amy said...

Kari, you never cease to amaze me. Congratulations on finishing and even beating your time. You have a great family!!

Lori said...

My niece just sent me a link to see pictures of her running in the same marathon. I decided to put in your bib number and there are some great pictures of you and your sisters. Once again, way to go!

Kamille said...

Way to go!!! You are amazing. You do look great in your tank top too. I'm glad you had a good time getting in shape too. You never cease to surprise me.

The Sweet Life said...

Way to go running missy! I've noticed that you look nice and svelte lately. Make sure you don't run yourself too thin :)