Saturday, January 5, 2008

DMV Musings

So my birthday was over 3 months ago and I discovered in November that my drivers license expired on my birthday. So it is January now and I still hadn't renewed it. I was telling this to a friend and she looked at me in shock and said, "That doesn't sound like you to let it go for 3 months!" And it doesn't sound like me, at least the me I was 8 years ago- you know before I had 4 children. I could create lists with the best of them and check them off with fervor and zeal. But this is what having 4 children in 8 years does to you- it makes you scatter-brained and what's even better it makes you not care about all those silly details like being law-abiding citizens. Now my to do lists take me days, weeks, even months to check off. (Although I still really do enjoy checking them off.) But with more of a "it will get done when it gets done" attitude. As I was sitting at the DMV for 45 minutes I thought of other things I have learned to let go since having children. Here are a few of them: (Disclaimor: if details of a dirty house make you squeamish you may want to stop reading.)
*We are not an everyday bath family- but in my defense my pediatrician told me not to bathe my kids everyday since it will dry out their skin. But I have taken that ball and rolled with it. Note this only includes my children. I have not let stooped to the level of not bathing myself everyday! well at least most days!
*Laundry may get washed and dried on the same day, but it rarely, rarely gets folded within 2-3 days.
*My bathrooms get deep-cleaned only once a month. I do weekly touch-ups though! Does that count?!?
*My floor doesn't get swepted everyday.
*I sometimes wear the same jeans 2 or 3 days in a row. And I have even worn the same outfit two days in row if I don't think I will see the same people. Although I have been busted on this one.
*I do my girls' hair once a day and that's it. I embrace whatever stylings the wind, play or sleep may do to them.
*Once my kids can dress themselves I don't pick out their clothes. I have only 2 requirements for them- 1. It is modest and 2. It is weather-appropriate.
*I have turned library books in late and -GASP!- I've even lost them.
*I have left dinner dishes in the sink to do the morning.
*Some of my xmas decorations haven't been taken down until February and the outside lights have been left on until July one year- but in my defense that is Eric's jurisdiction.
*When I lose something I don't stress over it and spend huge amounts of time looking for it. In my experience most things usually show back up.
Well I could go on and on about this, but my point is this isn't how I pictured what I would be like as a mother. But I am learning to accept it- key word there is learning. A chaotic house can still set me off at times- just ask my kids! But I have come across a term that describes my condition... I am a recovering perfectionist. (Thanks Lara for that one!) So here it goes "My name is (insert your name here). And I am a recovering perfectionist." Come on now- go ahead and say it with me. I know there are more of you out there!
P.S.- Good news. If your driver's license is over 3 months expired there are no penalties. They won't put you in jail or give you a ticket or make you pay extra or make you take the driver's test again or even ask you any questions. They make act grumpy, but I'm pretty sure that is part of their job description.


Julie said...

Are you sure you havn't adopted my perfectionist qualities in the last 3 years since you have known me??? You sound pretty good to me..I mean I go 4 days with the same jeans and I don't shower every day. I have an every other day rule. I am happy you are a recovering perfectionist cuz we can be friends because of it. I know you wouldnt want to be friends with me otherwise. I love you Kari!!

Lisa Wilcken said...

You are so dang funny! I LOVE reading your blog.

I'm with you on the jeans thing too! With my body right now, jeans always fit much better after the 3rd or 4th day anyway! I love you just the way you are!

Jenny said...

Shoooooot yerr fun-e!! I'm with Julie. I honestly can't gave any thought to most of that stuff you mentiond because I'd go insane. Just remember Kari...once a perfectionist always a perfectionist!!

Kelly said...

I have never been a part of the perfectionist club, sadly. I laughed out loud at the wearing the same thing twice if you don't see the same people - I do it all the time! We have let our car registration go a few months over some years, and I have gotten pretty good at evading cop cars when I have an outdated sticker on my license plate.

Sarah Idiart said...

This post really hit home for me! I've slipped below you, though. . .Let me just quote my children, "POLICE, POLICE, everyone sit back, pretend you're wearing a seat belt. . . OOOOH Mom, this ticket could be a big one, There are 9 kids in here, no one is in car seats or buckled and you've lost your license. . .Will you go to jail for this?"

Crissy said...

OK, so I feel famous because I made it on your blog. I think you are an amazing human being, who still functions under tremendous chaos and smiles to boot! I'm glad you don't sweat the small stuff and I am glad we can all come clean about the multiple day wear jeans! You are wonderful! Love you!

Chelsea Pratt said...

So, your the house that we drove by and shook our heads in July! I still have a Utah DL and I have lived in Texas for 18 months. I will get ticketed if I am caught so don't report me. (I need to lose weight before I go in to get a new one because I don't want to have to change the weight and have a fatter face). Also, once my neighbor told me she was worried about one of our other neighbors being depressed and having troubles. I asked her why and she said it was because she was wearing the same outfit two days in a row...maybe she slept in it! I know I can't wear something twice if I am going to see her! Maybe I should just suck it up and get on Prozac now.

Amy said...

Hey Kari! Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. It was soooo good to hear from you. This will be a fun way to keep in touch. This post was hilarious!!

Kamille said...

Love It!!!! Let me when you condescend to the no bathe every day phase yourself. Then you know you're fully recovered.

Natalie said...

Things to do today:
Make comment on Kari's blog FUNNY STUFF MISSY (check!)

Kamille said...

Seriously Kari - You are so funny. I have been talking about this blog all week. Please post more so can have more to read. You should write you know.

Romi said...

I hope you don't mind, I found your blog through Amy...who I've never actually met (she's a cousin of my husband) but I find her blog hillarious and yours as well! :)

I'm Misty, and I'm definitely a recovering perfectionist! I meet every qualification down to the recently expired drivers licence problem. In addition to that. For far too long now, whenever I'm out at night I've been driving every where with my brights on because I haven't gotten around to finding out why my regular lights won't turn on. :P