Sunday, August 17, 2008

You might be my sibling if...

I saw this post on a friend's blog and thought the idea was so cute, so I had to copy it. Thanks Emily and Kelly. So you might be my sibling if...
*You lived with a "goddess of nursing."
*There was pineapple juice mixed in with whatever other juice was in the fridge.
*You know who the "Ray Coniff Singers" are.
*You got half an orange in your lunch that had the top edge of rind cut off for you.
*You love Bill Cosby stand-up.
*You can quote several Shel Silverstein poems.
*There are several pictures drawn of you with rosy cheeks and a beveled chin.
*You know what the ledger is.
*The ledger still owes you money.
*You can sing many Oakridge Boys songs.
*Patriotic music reminds you of Saturday mornings.
*You don't see the need to turn the A/C until it is at least 95 degrees outside.
*Your "stomach hurts real bad" when you are crying.
*You remember the party wagon.
*You've ever won the "Sunshine Room Award."
*You know what "Come on Bloser" means.
*You understand a few hells and damns.
*You also know what "Who wants to dance with Heddy Larue?" means as well.
*You know who "Freddie" and "Frankie" are.
*You have been asked "Where's your trial?"
*You know that hunger has nothing to do with eating.
*You've ever had Norwegian pancakes.
*You've ever been spotlighted at FHE.
*You've played "Sacks on the Miller."
*One of your childhood heroes was Dale Murphy.
*You've been asked to check the window wells or if the iron is still on.
*You still will check to make sure the iron or the curling iron is turned off before you leave the house.
*You've been told, "Okay, I'm mad now- you can move."
*You've been called a "Primary low-life."
*You've had a sign put up on the garage welcoming you home from girls camp, scout camp, vacation, or a sleepover.
*You can come up with a song for just about any occassion.
I'm sure there are many more that I didn't think of and if my siblings can think of any -let me know! I know that few people outside the 6 other people with whom I share similar DNA will really appreciate this post, but I want them to know that I love them and am so grateful for their love and support. I am who I am because of them.


SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I loved it! I wish I was your sibling!! You really need to come visit Kelly and I!! xoxox, Sarah

Amber Ro said...

Cute picture-I think that's the first time I've seen it.
What about having "hud" for dinner? That's one that offended me when I first married Finn, and have since come to realize that it is meant as a compliment ?!?

Anonymous said...

ok- now THIS might be my favorite post! You also might be a Robbins sibling if you've ever been told..."That's a very expensive piece of equipment" or "take all you want but eat all you take". Then there's "I only pay for ONE mailbox" and "don't be in such a gosh dang rush". Oh, I can keep going... "Who's Fred, and why are we waiting for him?!" or if you know the cheer..."Grapes, grapes, grapes, grapes, goooooooooooo grapes". And, if you can sing "We're the Robbins Family" to the tune of "It's a Small World" or if you've compared your marriage relationship to a dog and his owner...poodle on a pillow. SO FUNNY!!! if I think of more I will come back and post them:)

Natalie said...

You can't leave a room without turning the lights off even if your husband is still in the room. Good post Missy, good post. I love you!

The Powells said...

What wonderful siblings, you are very blessed! I am sooo very happy that Finn and Jaden are in the same class this year, little worried about the class size. Hope you have a nice last week of summer!!

mama missy said...

You can sing Happy Birthday in portuguese. You know who the "Queen Bee" is.
I love all you Robbins Sibs.

mama missy said...

"What I love about Dad..." I've missed this the past two years on my birthday! Also, "mail come yet" and "be sure to tell em who you are!"
(written by the Dad)

Allison said...

You may be a Robbins if you have ever looked for your Easter basket to the song, "boola boola."

I love that picture of you siblings!

Finn said...

A few more: were in your teens when you paid for your first haircut, tried to run on Mom & Dad's bed while Michelle kicked you off, toasted your glass to "The Ultimate", compared Matt to Dori on Nemo, know what "boo-legs" is, lost in an arm wrestle to mom - wait, only the girls know that one, or have what we call a flatulence problem.

Matt said...

A few more...

"and you will have...a sore toe."
"Where's your brain, in your foot?"
You find yourself tilting your head back to look at something up close even though you don't have bifocals.
You think any thing other than vinyl seats, power steering, power windows and power locks are unnecessary luxuries.
You're still looking for the magic button you can push when you reach 65 mph to make the wings come out the side of your car.
You've been told the moldy cheese is fine, just cut around it.

Matt said...

and its "Blauser," not Bloser.

Matt said...

My first post should actually say "You think that power steering, power windows, power locks and anything other than vinyl seats are unnecessary luxuries."