Saturday, December 8, 2007

Testimony of Vicks Vapor Rub

I'm not sure if anyone else will appreciate this story as much as me and my family, but I just has to get it written down so I won't forget it. I have had several friends tell me about the idea of rubbing Vick's Vapor rub on your kids' feet at night then covering them with socks to help calm a child's cough. Last week Finn came up late at night coughing so hard he was almost to the brink of throwing up. I had a package of chewable cough suppresants- but those supposedly don't work well for kids. He wanted one anyway so as I was giving him one I spied the Vicks and remembered the suggestion. I thought it wouldn't hurt him and who knows- it may work. At the very least he will have soft, fresh-smelling feet in the morning. We did it and he didn't wake up the rest of the night. Now I don't know if it was just the placebo effect or not, either way Finn is a believer. Eric saw him putting it on his feet one night and asked him what he was doing. Finn told him and Eric rolled his eyes and gave me that look-like "You are crazy woman." I get this look a lot. But its okay -its part of our "dance."
Anyway- moving along with the story. On Thursday night Eric and I were at a work dinner and the kids had a babysitter. During the dinner- while the new members of the Appraisal Institute Board were being announced- Eric gets a call on his phone. Its Finn.
Finn: "Uh Dad, Suzie keeps waking herself up because she has a cough. I keep trying to put Vick's Vapor Rub on her feet but she won't let me. What should I do?"
Eric-giving me the "look":"Finn, just put her pajamas back on and put her in bed."
Finn: "But she keeps crying and won't hold still."
Eric: "Its okay. Just put her in bed. She'll fall asleep."
Finn: "Okay."
Eric gets off the phone and says to me, "You're creating a monster." Well at least he is a homeopathic monster!


Julie said...

I love that story, I especially love that its driving Eric crazy. I can't wait for one of my kids to have a cough so I can try the Vicks.

Liz said...

Cute story...I love your blog! Such a fun writer.

Lisa Wilcken said...

Hmmm...I'm going to have to try that.

amberjill said...

I've been wanting to try that, but in the middle of the night I don't spot the vicks!! Maybe if I put vicks on my tummy it'll get the baby to come out on january 9th?!? just a thought

Trisha Jensen said...

I love your blog! I tried the Vicks remedie with Ethan last night and you can tell Eric that Paul and I are believers!! So if you're crazy so are we. You are so adorable. I am sad to say we are not coming out this year and are missing our yearly date night with you. Hopefully in the summer. :)

Kelly said...

I am a true believe of Vick's in any form. I recently found that Kleenex has a new product where they have magically infused Vick's into the tissues! They are so good when you have a bad cold. I also put a little on the outside of my nose to help me breathe better at night. Now you know all of my "secrets"!

The M&J Peterson Family said...

I love your thoughts, and your writing. You crack me up. Thanks.

The M&J Peterson Family said...

"I'd like to bare my testimony...I know vicks vapor rub on the feet stops children's coughs."

Momof3 said...

My daughter has problems quite a bit with a cough and I took her to the doctor today and I was told to put Vicks on the bottom of her feet. All I could do is start to laugh and she told be laugh but it works. So we'll see but if it works I am all for smearing Vicks on the bottom of feet.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm commenting LONG AFTER THE FACT, but I read this a week ago, and then had a "cougher" so now my little Katrina (5 yrs) is OBSESSED with putting vics on her feet every morning, she swears it makes all well in the world. And it keeps her wearing socks, and her feet SMELL, so that's a good thing. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Lovely family. And, hey, I have a thyroid problem and Vicks on the feet at night stops my cough.
Don't think it draws toxins out as some say; do think the ingredient are absorbed and hence, work.
Would be careful if someone had diabetes or advanced fungus.
And, to change those socks and not use during the day unless sick and in bed and needing relief.
Grama Lu