Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Memories

This is us on Christmas Day. I have taken a picture of our family in front of my parents' Christmas tree every year since Eric and I were married. It is fun to compare the pictures from each year and watch our family grow. I know this isn't the best picture of our family- my eyes are half closed and Suzie is looking away. But I promised my kids-including my biggest kid, i.e. my husband- that if they would take one picture in front of Grandma's tree then I wouldn't bug them about pictures the rest of the evening. So this is that one picture and consider myself lucky. Here are the top ten memories of the Christmas Eve and Day- in no particular order- that I don't want to forget.
10. Eating all kinds of yummy food- from breakfast at Village Inn to celebrate Matt's birthday on Christmas Eve to wontons and shrimp on Christmas Eve to Christmas Morning quiches.
9. Eric betting Curtis $5 to eat said shrimp and watching him heave in disgust.
8. Natalie and J.J. getting engaged- "The duck flies between 4 and 5pm."
7. Singing Christmas carols at Uncle David's and quietly waiting for Santa to deliver presents. When Santa did finally come my nephew Taylor observed that, "Santa walks like an old grandma." Hmmm- where was Grandma Shauna during Santa's visit?!?
6. Finn waking up at 5 am on Christmas morning but lying in bed and staring at the ceiling until 7 am because he didn't think he should get out of bed until then. Mind you he did this on his own accord. We didn't tell him he needed to do this!
5. Suzie biting into the Christmas stocking oranges and eating right down to the center without batting an eye. As Eric said, "Now we know how little baby monkeys eat oranges."
4. Eric getting a Diamond record on Karaoke revolution with "Dust in the Wind."
3. Staying in our pjs until 3:30pm.
2. Katie dancing in front of the T.V. for 2 hours with her new "Bella Dancerella" DVD, dance mat and wand. Santa definitely got that one right.
1. Watching "Hairspray" with Annie. This was her first time seeing it and she was enthralled. Another high-five for Santa if I do say so myself!


Julie said...

Awesome list. I really really really wanna hear Eric sing Dust in the Wind. Cuz I truly believe I should be the lead solo on that. Also Jacki says if I love you then she loves you. Yeah!!

youreprettytoo said...

I really think that can arranged. Also I am so glad to hear Jacki loves me. I was afraid I was just that friend of yours with the gross kitchen she had to clean!

Amber Robbins said...

Hmm. Grandma Shauna was missing during the Santa visit?!?! I hope no one told her when she got back after missing Santa that everyone thought Santa walked like an old Grandma! :)
Cute pic and fun memories-I see Annie matched her clothes as a Christmas gift to you.

Chelsea Pratt said...

I just love reading your fun and creative. Thanks for acknowledging what our friendship might have been had I not moved. I felt the same way, but am determined to make it work long distance. You're just a friend I have to have!