Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Odd, but Handsome Man Out

This is our 2007 picture with Santa. I am including this picture with this post because 1) It is cute and 2) It demonstrates my story. Today Finn, my oldest and only boy, asked what color I thought Suzie's hair would be when it finally grows in. I said it could be either red or brown. Finn said, "I hope it is brown." I asked why and he responded, "Because everyone always goes on and on about Annie and Katie's hair being so cute and brown is good too." And he's right. People do always comment on my girl's hair, but I never thought it affected him. I mean he's Eric's son- he's not suppose to care about what people think of him! Finn is an incredibe brother of 3 high-maintenance sisters. This is either preparing him for a high- maintenance wife or he will seek out a calm, low maintenance one. He is such a good boy. Here is another conversation just from today that proves my point. Finn was looking through the ads we get in the mail and found two presents he wanted to get Eric and I for Christmas. He has some allowance money saved, but he realized he needed $3 more to buy them both. So he asked me if he could do any chores around the house for money. I was making dinner so I asked him to take care of Suzie. Now he would have gladly done this anyway without any monetary incentive, but today I indulged him with 50 cents for it. Annie of course always wants to get in on the action and tried to take over watching Suzie so she could earn money too. Finn said she would have to do something else, but she probably better save her money to buy Christmas presents for mom and dad. Then he adds, "And you better look for some coupons too so you can get something nice."
Ok now- let's really look at what he's doing-
a)He's watching the baby for me to earn money to buy a present for ME!
b)He's encouraging Annie to do the same.
c)He's trying to get her save money in the process.
I would call this the trifecta of perfection. Now, I normally would try and take credit for this behavior and for the first two years of his life I tried. Before I had my other children, I thought people who had problems with their kids just didn't teach them the right things- honestly- that's how naive I was! But then I had Annie and like the frog at the end of the story of the Wide-Mouthed Frog I was left saying, "Oh, I see!" (And if you don't know the story of the Wide-Mouthed Frog then you either aren't related to or don't know my mother and you are in for a treat the next time you see me!) But really Finn just came out of the womb that way. And in about 15 to 20 years he's going to make some girl very lucky. But that's just his mother speaking and I'm not biased!:)


Julie said...

Correction: "And in about 15 to 20 years he's going to make Jaxynn very lucky."

Chelsea said...

Actually, Finn is set to marry Malery already...didn't Kari tell you? Didn't Finn tell you? He's really excited about it.

Amy said...

I have a daughter that is only 4, but when they're older it won't matter, right! Seriously Kari, your blog makes me laugh out loud. I miss you!