Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Train a Man before the age of 10 or Finn's take on Valentine's Day or the Monkey Puzzle.

Last Thursday night Finn and Annie were getting their Valentines all ready for their class parties the next day. Annie was cheerfully, carefully picking out which ones to give to which boys and girls- because we all know that the message we send to each person must clearly reflect our feelings or intentions regarding them- especially when you are in 2nd grade. Finn was hastily and grumpily putting his together when he said, "I hate Valentine's Day." I was a little surprised by this outburst and asked him what the problem was.

He said, "Everyone makes such a big deal about it."

Mom: "But you get to have a party and get candy. What's wrong with that?"

Finn: "Everyone keeps asking me who I like and I'm sick of it."

Mom has quick flashback to 5th grade and remembers her "boyfriend"- Andrew Hicks- and the Valentine's monkey puzzle he gave me that revealed his feelings for me- which I still own by the way-and suddenly all the dots connect. This is the age that all girls are interested in boys and a few of the boys start to reciprocate but not all of them- Finn being in the latter category.

Finn ends with: "I just want it all to be over."

Ahhh- poor boy has no idea that it is just beginning and I didn't have the heart to tell him.

Ok- so I went and found my monkey puzzle. And the only reason I still have it is because my mom saved it and put it in my childhood scrapbook.

Although after looking at it I decided that it doesn't really reveal any feelings, but sometimes a 10 year old girl's womanly intuition just can't be disputed. I mean what else could receiving a monkey puzzle when everyone else just got a paper valentine mean except "I Love You." Hmmmm- I think that was my best Valentines ever!


Finn said...

Kari and Andrew, Kari and Andrew, Kari and Andrew, love each other.

Or as Matt sung it:
Kari and Andrew, Kari and Annnndrew, Kariiii and Andrewwwww....wuv eachover

kj said...

TOO FUNNY!! I love your little flashbacks to the past -- how awesome that we got to actually SEE the "monkey puzzle"! And of course it meant LOVE! -- what else could it mean?!

Cute little Finn . . . so innocent. I can totally relate, with my Liam. I have to say, I'm really glad that girls are still just "buddies" to them. I don't think I'm ready for what's around the corner!

Paul said...

I agree, it represented his true love. I'm actually surprised you didn't marry each other. I mean after a token like that, it was certain to end in matrimony. Sooooo funny!


Julie said...

For sure that monkey puzzle means love...seriously! I wish I had my old Valentines so I can see what they really say instead of what I imagine them saying. I know that hunka hunka burnin love professed his undying love for me through 4th grade Valentines cards.

Julie said...

By the way...I do love Finn and his Zest for Love!

Liz said...

You absolutely crack me up...Of course Andrew loved you. Your womanly intuition was not wrong. Wish Finn the best of luck.

Monica said...

Darling post! My Aaron is like Finn in some ways, and I love the monkey puzzle story. I think I still have in boxes valentines certain boys gave me. It is fun to look back on those memories.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

I have a few choice valentines that I saved. . .great post. . .on a side note, I wrote something about a boy I had a crush on in middle school on my blog, he found me on facebook, I connected with his wife, she read the old post and used it for fodder on her blog. . . go to mine and read "Vogt Family" on my sidebar. . . pretty funny. xoxox

Natalie said...

I had to read the title like 3 times.
1st go round, "What the? What does that say?"
2nd go round, "What does that even mean? Did I read it right?"
3rd, "Yep, it says what I thought it said."
I am so glad that Finn posted the song about you and Andrew. A monkey puzzle? No wonder you were in love with him.

Amy said...

I don't know how else you could have interpreted a monkey puzzle except that he had a major crush on you.

Thanks for the laughs!

Tamra said...

I love reflections from your childhood, they are always so entertaining. Your poor son. But I am with Finn, I can never wait to get Valentine's Day over with-I am just not the overly romantic type-or really the romantic type at all. My idea of flirting is a clean kitchen.

Kamille said...

I love it. Sometimes it's good to have good valentines days to look back on. It means love for sure.

kto1s said...

Kari--you, my dear, are a brilliant, funny writer. I love checking in and reading your posts. This one did not disappoint! The whole monkey puzzle bit is killing me. I'm amazed you not only have the puzzle, but painstakingly put it together for all of us to behold.

Wood Family said...

I just have to say a few things. First, which words did you look up synonyms for this time? And, thank goodness you do that or I wouldn't have understood Sarah's use of fodder in her comment:)

youreprettytoo said...

Testing, testing