Friday, October 24, 2008

Would you rather....?

Have you ever played that game "Would you rather...?" It is that game where you chose between two things that are equally bad or good or have different drawbacks. So your answer reveals what is important to you or something about you. For example, "Would you rather be rich and fat or poor and skinny?" or "Would you rather be pretty and dumb or ugly and smart?" Well, I know Annie's answer to the pretty/dumb or ugly/smart question. Here is the conversation that revealed the answer to me:
Annie: Mom, how come you can't marry your cousin? (Now remember Annie is 7 and boys are starting to become interesting to her. She doesn't have any weird tendencies toward her family members. We are close with her cousins and she has several boys cousins, so naturally those are the ones she would be curious about first.)
Mom: Who do you want to marry?
Annie: Jeffrey. (Good choice- Jeffrey is quite the ladies' man!)
Mom: Well, if you marry your cousin, your kids would be squirrelly. (For lack of a better word.)
Annie: What does that mean?
Mom: They could be retarded. (I know not the most PC word, but I was trying to make a point by making the desire to marry a cousin less desirable.)
Annie: What does that mean? (Point not taken.)
Mom: They could be dumb.
Annie: Yeah, but why can't I marry my cousin?
Mom: (Desperate to find something unappealing about marrying your cousin.) Your kids could be ugly.
Annie: OHHH, never mind. I don't want ugly kids.


amberjill said...

i take offense to that conversation!! :) since when does squirrely = ugly!?? cause ive heard you call me squirrely before! hahahahaha

Kamille said...

So funny. Amber only takes offense to this because she still wants to marry her cousin even though she is no longer 7. Thanks for sharing the laugh.

Thelissa said...

I love "Annie" stories. They always make me laugh.

Natalie said...

Yes, finally someone who understands my fears. :)

Kate said...


Julie said...

ha ha ha...I am happy you posted that convo!

Amy said...

I laughed out loud on this one. That is soooo funny!!!

amberjill said...

no to comment again, but today Winni announced that she wants to marry Elijah!! My instant response was, then your kids will be squirrely! She immediately took it back. She must know that squirrely means ugly! hahaha

mama missy said...

Oh, I love my Annie!!!

Kamille said...

I'm so glad the toilet training book worked for someone else. I swear no one believes me or they think I have "children of the corn" children. It's always good to know when you've got backup!

Amber Ro said...

Oh, but Jeffrey is so darn cute, their joint kiddos wouldn't be too squirrley :)
Annie is such a riot. I'm still waiting for her to teach Emma all about disco balls and wild parties!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Maybe Damian and I really are related because our kids are squireley for sure! This cracked me up, I really was laughing so hard. Yours still is the best blog!