Wednesday, October 1, 2008

9 Year Old Logic

Finn had some great one-liners this week, so I had to get them documented.
*Here's the set-up: We are having dinner and there are some brownies on the counter. Eric and I tell the kids they can't have any brownies until they finish dinner- you know parent manipulation 101. Annie of course is protesting.
Annie: Please, please can't I have some brownies. I don't like my dinner.
Eric: No, you have to finish your dinner first.
Annie: If you don't let me, I will just sneak them anyway.
Finn: It's not really sneaking if you tell everyone first.
Well said, Finn. Well said.

*I put up our Halloween decorations yesterday because my kids think it is a mortal sin if we don't have our decorations up by October 1st. This was the conversation this morning.
Finn: We need to get some scarier decorations.
Mom: What's wrong with the ones we have?
Finn: They are all smiling.

Then this afternoon, Finn came home from school and I was cleaning up after another day of canning- although this time I was training my padawan- Amber in the ways of Jedi canning, so none of the canned peaches he saw were for us.
Finn: How come when I come home from school you are always canning stuff?
Mom: So we can have good things to eat.
Finn, while putting chips and home canned salsa in his mouth and his sisters are downing a bottle of canned peaches: But you can stuff we don't even like to eat.
Mom: I guess you can just call me crazy because I like to do incredible amounts of work with little to no thanks or recognition. On second thought, you can probably just call me mom.


amberjill said...

ummm...did i forget to tell you thanks for teaching me, master jedi Kari?? Cause THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! And, if Finn doesn't want any of your canned stuff, like spaghetti sauce, I'll gladly take his share home! :)

Thelissa said...

Love that your halloween decor is happy! I am not a scary halloween decorated either. My kids don't care at this point though. Finn cracks me up!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

What a cute boy. Let's set him up with one of my daughters, when they are old enough. And then he can choose one to marry, I don't care which one. The 6 or 8 year old would be fine. That way, I can enjoy his wittyness first hand. I'm sure he'll be harder on his mother-in-law than his own mom.

Lisa Wilcken said...

Apparently Finn got your sense of humor. I love reading your blog, you are so funny!

jbow said...

Love that you blogged all his comments. I think so often we think that we will write down things like that but never get around to it. VERY FUNNY!

Julie said...

That kid has wisdom...I am totally with him....happy halloween ghosts?? They don't make any sense.

Jennifer Finally said...

I always love the things kids say! Happy Birthday yesterday Kari! Wish I could be there to help you celebrate!!

Kamille said...

Love it. My kids are proud if I get my stuff up mby October 30th. So you've got a leg up on me. Hey - Happy Birthday. I hear you throw a mean party. You're amazing.

Lori said...

Love the entry on Julie's blog about your birthday. You are an amazing woman!