Monday, July 14, 2008

Ta- Dah!

I know, I know- I'm not the kind to post twice in one week, (your blogrolls are all sorts of confused-:)but I accomplished something I had to post about. If you have ever been to my house you might "think" I was good at getting things up on the walls because I have decorated most of the main living areas. But if you go through the rest of the house you would see that I am really bad at getting things up on the walls. My kids' rooms walls are bare and have been for 1 and 1/2 years since we moved in. My thinking goes something like this..."I really need to hang that bulletin board in Annie's room. But then Finn's needs to be hung too. He also has those shelves I should hang. But wait Annie has shelves too. Plus she has been asking me for months to put up her princess curtain around her bed...." and it goes on and on like this. The whole thing overwhelms me and I don't know where to start. But guess what I did today. I finally got something hung in Suzie's room.

The "Sweet Dreams" sign was given to me when she was born. The picture of her was taken 4 months ago and I finally bought a frame for it. The biggest stumbling block for me on this project was hanging the shelf. I kept trying to pin Eric down to hang it because I'm not the "handiest" of people. But I got tired of asking and waiting and decided to take things into my own hands. Here are my cast of characters I used to help me accomplish my task.

I must say I was impressed with my use of things like a drill and a level. I kept calling Eric and asking him questions and I think he thought it was cute for the first 4 times. But I'm pretty sure my "cute-ness" was wearing thin by the 5th phone call. But hey I did it. I also wanted to throw this picture in as well because I finally got Suzie's baby quilt hung last month.

I know-she's not really a baby anymore- seeing as she is 18 months old. But her bald head helps keep this quilt age-appropriate. Plus the quilt is so stinkin cute I had to share it. I wish I could claim it, but my friend made it for me when Suzie was born. Wow- with this new found home improvement activity- I should have my kids' rooms decorated in no time. But what will the next project be that I will think about but not act on for awhile... perhaps food storage?!?

P.S.- in case you read my previous post- I just wanted to put a little update- Yesterday we went over to our great-grandparents' house and guess what Annie came home with- yep, a new purse, but this time it was filled with all kinds of scarves from great-grandma. I'm telling you- I can't make this stuff up!


amberjill said...

Nice job!! But, no poll as to the place it was hung?? I mean, I need some validation!!! :) Oh, and who is this "friend" that made you a quilt. I'm really starting to wonder about you!! It is very cute and I'm totally impressed with your shelf hanging ability!

youreprettytoo said...

Amber- I didn't mention the place it was hung because I didn't follow your advice- not because it wasn't good advice- but for another reason. I will go into the details with you at a later date. Also I will give you a hint on the "friend" who made the quilt. She doesn't like to be places where it is hot!

Thelissa said...

LOVE THE QUILT! Oh so cute! And what a handy gal you are!

Kelly said...

I'm proud of you! I can totally relate to bugging husbands to do stuff and then giving up on them and doing it yourself. However, I find that I always do a horrible job when I do it, and he usually re-does what I did. I guess it is a round about way of getting him to do stuff.

Jennifer Finally said...

I love Kari C.
I wish she were in Nebraska with me.
She decorated Suzie's room by herself,
With a quilt AND a picture on a cute little shelf.
A tape measurer, a leveler, and an electric drill too.
Tell me Kari, is there anything you can't do?

Julie said... are really good at decorating. If you were a real friend you would come and decorate my house...I am so retarded. If I was to hang a shelf you can bet your life it wont be straigt. Who takes the time for that kind of stuff? --and Jenny, Kari is "practically perfect in every way" I am totally serious.

Kamille said...

I am impressed!!! That quilt is the cutest thing i have ever seen. Did you make it?

Chelsea Pratt said...

That quilt is so stinkin' cute! How original!!! I am proud of you. At first, I thought the friend that made the quilt might me me until I read your clue and remember that I live in HOUSTON. Anyway, wish I was there to help because you KNOW I eat this stuff up.

Tamra said...

Nice! Do you hire out?