Monday, March 22, 2010

My Favorite March Arrival Arrived 11 years ago today!

So my all time favorite March arrival came 11 years ago today at about 3:15pm. My favorite son, Finn, was born and heralded in not only the spring season but also a new season in my life. So to commerate this occassion here are 11 things I love about Finn:

1. Unlike Charlie, see previous post and disclaimer, he WAS a pretty baby and 11 years later he is still a handsome devil.

2. He is so much like his father it is scary. A few weeks ago he was questioning me about why I was taking Suzie to have professional pictures taken of her. He was sure that our digital camera would do just as good a job as the photographer's camera and said that we should just take pictures of her at home. I informed him that on this subject he gets no opinion- a practice I have had to perfect with his father!;)

3. He is the consummate boy scout. He was born with the boy scout motto of "be prepared" running through his veins. Once when he was about 5 we were getting ready to go to a cabin for the weekend. He wanted to pack everything but the kitchen sink in his backpack. I weeded out several useless items but he insisted that he bring his flashlight. I tried to assure him we wouldn't need a flashlight because he were staying in a cabin with electricity. But he wouldn't part with it. And wouldn't you know it the power went out at the cabin just when we were getting ready for bed and whose flashlight do you think we used... yep, Finn's crayola one!

4. Not only is he prepared he is also extremely responsible. This past weekend I was running a race in Moab and he overheard that I had to get up at 6:30 am to get ready. At 6:35am he came into my room and woke me up saying, "Mom, its 6:35- you need to get up for your race."

5. He has worked really hard this year to keep his grades up.

6. Despite some standard brotherly teasing, he is a terrific older brother to his 3 crazy sisters.

7. He has a quick wit and a great sense of humor. (Warning: 11 year old potty humor coming up!) We were at a restaurant with Finn's cousins- Michael and Jeffrey and Eric asked the boys if they wanted refills on their drinks. Finn said he didn't need a drink refill but that he needed to go give the toilet a "refill."
8. He is so much like his father in several good ways that it just has to be mentioned again. He is Eric's "mini-me."

9. Even though he has started to be more reluctant about it, he is almost always obedient.

10. He is a great example to his family and friends.

11. He has a tender, kind heart that he can't hide from his mom... just like his Dad can't hide either as much as they both might try!

Love you Finn!


The Powells said...

Happy Birthday Finn!

Julie said...

I love this post! Finn is such a handsome devil. You've done well!!

NOw that you've mentioned it, I think I will go refill the toilet right now!

Amy said...

I love reading your posts. How sweet!

Wish you could join us in California next month. It would've been so fun to see you!

Sestra Robbins said...

We love FINN too!!!