Friday, March 26, 2010

"A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend will join you in jail and then talk about what a good time you had in there."

Have you ever had a friend who "gets" you? Have you ever had a friend who you can say just about anything to and you know they won't judge you or take it the wrong way? Have you ever had a friend who you can completely be yourself around? Have you ever had a friend who can bring out the silly, fun, ridiculous side of you? Well if you haven't I hope you do someday and if you do I hope you realize what a precious gift it is. My friend, Julie, is one of those people for me. We have only known each other about 5 years but our connection was so instantly strong that I'm pretty sure when we met it was just a reacquaintance from a previous relationship. (If you are LDS read: pre-existence; If you are Hindu or Buddist read: previous life.) I am not being glib or trite when I say that I truly believe our relationship was divinely guided. She came into my life at just the time when I needed a best friend like her. She has a gift to make people feel instantly comfortable and loved. I am always amazed to see how people transform in her presence.
She has truly become like another sister to me. In fact my younger kids think she is my sister. Just yesterday Katie was listing my sisters. She said, "There's Michelle and Natalie and Julie." I told that actually Julie wasn't my sister. She looked at me shocked and said, "She isn't?!?" But I do feel like she is a sister and
I have been accepted into her extended family as another sister too. (Even though only about half of her brothers and sisters recognize this!) It is a terrific arrangment because I get the benefits of another family... love, interest in me, including me in events, etc. and none of the responsibilities... if I don't want to go to said events I don't have to and I don't have to help anyone move. And speaking of moving that brings up the only problem with being a member of the family is they all love me and leave me. Julie's sister, Amber and sister-in-law Jen have both become good friends and then moved out of the state. And now even Julie is going to love me and leave me. She isn't moving out of state just probably about 20 minutes away. But that is really going to limit our leftover lunches, GNOs, hanging out at each other's houses and wasting time, and being able to drop everything and go to lunch. But I know 20 minutes won't change the great love and respect we have for each other.
So happy birthday to my sister from another mister! Thanks for joining me in my "jail" for awhile and then telling me what an awesome, amazing peron I was for making it through. And for making it sooooo much fun. I love you!


Becky said...

Julie is great and we are glad to have you too. I'm running out of sisters in Murray. I might have to get to know you better.
Julie i great to be around, fun, great with people and always so natural. I'm glad she has you and the many fun times you two have together.

amberjill said...

not sure why I had to share a sentence with Jen, but I'll take it! I love ALL of my sisters! Hope you guys don't end up in jail this weekend! I'm going to call you back, I promise. As soon as these monsters give me 5 minutes to myself!

The Petersons said...

Glad to have you in the family. Nice tribute to my Julie. Amber and Jen

Kelly said...

Julie is pretty special. I knew that from the moment I met her. Happy Birthday, you crazy girl! And hurry and and blog pictures from your birthday adventure that I was too chicken to attend!

Jaxynn said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for being patient with me...I can't believe even with you riding me it took me this long to check blogs. I know I am a let down...but you know sisters sometimes do that too, but because they are sisters you HAVE to forgive them immediately and not hold it against them and still MEAN everything you said in the blog before they let you down!

I know I knew you long before I knew you too! On paper we just don't fit together. I mean you are practically perfect with your sewing, cleaning, cooking, canning, sweet spiriting, reading, writing, crafting and homemaking stuff. And here I am sucking at all those things. Then I am practically perfect in everything else. Ha Ha Ha!! Its good we have each other so I can sew with you and you can play soccer and run around dressed like a disco bimbo with me!!!

Thank, Me.

Jaxynn said...

Now its really funny that I am signed in as Jaxynn.

Laura said...

So, I have this memory of a photograph of you circa 1992. I was 12 years old and in the photo, you had long brown curls and pink iced lips. I thought you were the most beautiful woman alive. Elegant, is what I thought.

I think it's awesome that I posted this elegant comment on the post where you have a large fake flower in your hair. Elegant still.