Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A quick camera cord update

So we got home from our Yellowstone trip tonight and Eric was looking at the pictures we took on our trip. He was sitting at the computer less than an hour after we walked in the door and asked, "Hey, Kari - have you found the cord to the camera yet?" I paused for dramatic effect- pretending like I really had to think about whether I had found it or not- then responded disappointedly, "Oh no- not yet." He just nodded his head, but I'm pretty sure a seed has been planted in fertile soil. We just have to wait and see what I can reap. Do I know my husband or what!?!


The Powells said...

You crack me up. Hope you had a nice vacation.

Julie said...

Someday he will come and read your blog and laugh at himself.

Chelsea Pratt said...

I am sad we didn't get to see you that day. What the heck is that monstrosity you were driving?:) Actually it looked pretty dang fun and I wish we could travel like that. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to see you in October?!