Saturday, July 18, 2009

Annie's Happy to You

This post is brought to you by my awesome friend Kamille- who is a computer genius- and showed me that you can actually just put your camera card into one of those tiny slots in your hard drive and you can download your pictures from there. I must say that I felt a wee-bit retarded when she showed me this, since I consider myself one of the more computer savvy woman in my family- which doesn't say so much about me, but rather it speaks volumes about how much my mom and older sister know about the computer. (Love you guys:) Anyway I started this post back in June and never finished it because that is when I discovered I had a missing camera cord. So get ready for an onslaught of posts from the summer! (Really- who are we kidding here- maybe like one or two...if I'm lucky!)
Annie turned 8 this month and when Suzie woke up the morning of her birthday and saw the balloons and sign hanging up, she said, "Annie's Happy to you!" with such excitement and endearing innocence that I hereby proclaim birthdays in our family referred to as "Happy to Yous" henceforth and forever. So let it written, so let it be said. Note: You can only wield this kind of birthday changing power if you are the mother. In relation to birthdays, dad has the slightly less powerful task of paying for all the festivities. And festivities we had. Here is a recap:
Annie getting ready to eat her "8" pancake.
For her party we rented a bounce house and snow cone machine and I am under a sister-contractual agreement to mention here that I copied my older sister- Michelle's- idea for a birthday party. She had this exact same birthday for her boys back in May.

All the party girls!

We also had a pinata- again just like my sister. I included this picture because it makes me laugh. Suzie is really showing that pinata whose boss with those broom bristles. It s a good thing she is blindfolded or that pinata might be swept to death.

And of course the pinnacle of Annie's 8th Birthday- her baptism.

We are so proud of her and her decision to be baptized. She is a beautiful girl inside and out. Our family wouldn't be the same without our Annie-bananie!


amberjill said...

yeah for Annie!! btw, I pulled up your blog and Trae instantly found Suzie!! Love like this never fades, it grows with distance! :)

Lori said...

So glad you got your pictures! They always add to your very entertaining commentary.

mama missy said...

And it looks like it indeed was a HAPPY to you. Annie is beautiful inside and out!!!(It's good thing we know you love us, computer savvy or not.)

Monica said...

The birthday party looks like so much fun! i love the princess bounce house. Annie is one beautiful girl. I love her auburn hair.

Tamra said...

That bounce house is the exact one my two year old has started to ask for for her birthday party. She reminds me daily, she doesn't turn 3 til September and I actually hadn't planned on doing a party, but maybe I will have to reconsider. Annie looks beautfiul in her baptism picture.

Margie said...

Isn't that what older sister are for? They come up with the good ideas, you copy them and look marvelous. The joy of being the younger sister!!!!