Thursday, April 18, 2013

My kids aren't the only ones getting awards around here!

Since we are approaching the season of end of the year assemblies and awards being given for straight A's, perfect attendance and all around awesomeness- I thought I would throw out my own recent award. 

That's right I got a "Dream Big " award from Arby's.  It's kinda big deal!;) Not really but I did get to have my picture posted at the Arby's close to the school I teach at along with two of my students.  Since my kids ADORE Arby's I took them there one evening and made them take a picture of me with my award and my picture. 

And even though this award isn't that big of an accomplishment, the little girl who is pictured below me, is one of my biggest accomplishments this year.  One the first day of kindergarten she screamed for two hours- no exaggerating!  Then she spent the first three months running around the room and crying whenever anything new or out of the ordinary happened-like the day I switched seats.  She took her name tag off her new seat and proceeded to rip off the name tag where she use to sit and replace it with hers.  She also vehemently refused to go with anyone to do any sort of testing- which if you are familiar with any school environment these days- that happens ALL the time.  But after some pretty intense behavior modification over the past 6 months, I am proud to say she is much more well-adjusted to a classroom environment.  She goes with just about anyone to do testing without complaint and she has learned to handle change a bit more gracefully.  She still has her moments but she has done an almost complete 180.  And I can honestly say I will miss her next year.  Which I can't say for all my students!;)


The Hill Family said...

You are a big deal! Congratulations:) and GOOD JOB!

Michael said...

I think this is an AWESOME award, especially because I know first hand what a good teacher you are and the students you teach and love. CONGRATULTIONS!!!!!!
Mrs Christensen

Lori said...

You deserve a lot more awards than that -- great mom, great wife, wonderful friend, amazing YW leader and the list could go on and on!