Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things I Don't Want to Forget

If I weren't in school right now or trying to get my job application ready to be sent or getting Easter baskets ready than I would weave these stories into a great, funny tale. But the truth is I don't have the creative energy to make integrated units for kindergarten and resumes and easter baskets and witty blog entries. So the well-thought out blog entries will just have to be put on hold for now. But my kids' funny sayings never stop so I am getting them written down so I don't forget.
Suzie: I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but Suzie has the most endearing quality of saying "She" in the wrong part of sentences. (I could go into a lengthy discussion here of the different parts of a sentence here- the subject, predicate, prepositional phrases, etc. to give you further understanding of where Suzie uses "She" inappropriately, but I don't want to lose my sister... since she is probably about the only one who reads my blog these days!:) Anyway she says things like "I want a dress like she." or "Katie won't let me play with she." It is so cute and I don't want to correct her because it is such a hallmark of her age and I'm not ready for my baby to not be a baby. There is a little girl, Hannah, almost exactly Suzie's age who comes over to play regularly. She was over the other day and they started having a fight. Suzie came up to me and said, "I want she to go home." Then the other little girl came up to me and said, "Hers being mean." I think these two were made for each other. They may not complete each other's sentences, but together maybe they could properly complete a sentence.
Also this week I was "itching my nose" and Suzie walked into the room. She looked at me and said with disgust, "Oh, you are picking your nose. You're like a child." Nothing like being chastised by your 4 year old.
I took Katie and Suzie over to Wheeler Farm as part of the integrated unit I am creating for my class. Our professor encouraged us to do some of the activities with children so we get a good idea of what works and also so we can get real examples things like qualitative and quanitative assessment- (again not the time for that discussion.) Anyway we were talking about the difference between boy and girl animals. As we were looking at the piglets, I asked them if they could tell if it was a girl or boy. They correctly answered that it was a girl. Then I asked how they could tell she was a girl (Or as Hannah would say-"Hers was a girl"). Suzie replied, "Because she has eyelashes." A much safer, less anatomically correct answer than I was going for.
Katie- On the same above mentioned trip to Wheeler Farm I was asking the kids a lot more questions than I normally would because I was "supposedly" taking them on a kindergarten core curriculum supported field trip. During one of my question and answer periods Katie said, "Mom, could you stop asking so many questions and just let us look at the animals?"
Annie- At the kids' school ,there is a playground aid that goes by the name "Po-po". He is an older, retired gentleman who I assume enjoys being around children because I can't imagine who would want a job that pays approximately $7 an hour and only works 5 hours a week. Anyway I have been hearing stories about "Po-po" for years. He gives out little candies and tells you not to clog up the slide. Katie and Annie were having a discussion about Po-po while we were driving. Katie asked Annie if she had ever gotten in trouble by Po-po. Annie said, "Yeah, once when I was in 1st grade I was giving Finn a hug and he told me to keep my hands to myself." I don't know if you have to have an understanding of Finn and Annie's relationship to truly appreciate this story, but it so tickled my funny bone. I laughed out loud when Annie said it and I laughed as I typed it. And i just reread it and laughed again.


Lori said...

Your sister is not the only one that reads your blog! I love it and laugh out loud every time I do! And you already know, "she's" husband always checks your blog out too!

Natalie said...

Oh Missy, I loved the She and Hers story. So funny I laughed the silent laugh. I love it.

Wood Family said...

yeah you almost lost me and qualitative and quantative...but I persevered because I knew all these stories and wanted to laugh the silent laugh again:)-- which I did by the way:)

Michael said...

These are priceless!! Please tell the story of Suzie trying to discipline you!!!

Katrina said...

Are you sure you're not starting a book?! I would definitely buy it!!