Monday, June 7, 2010

The conversations I had during what was suppose to be my 5 minutes of alone time in the shower and it is only the first day of summer!

Katie: Mom, can you help me set up the slip n slide?
Mom: I can't right now. I'm in the shower. You'll have to wait or ask Finn or Annie.
Suzie: Mommy, can I go to the potty?
Mom: Yes (because I am the bathroom permission giver)
Katie: Mom, Finn says he won't help me set up the slip n slide.
Mom: Tell him I said he needs to help you.
Annie: Mom, can I have a lemonade stand today?
Mom: No, not today.
Mom: Nooooooo.
Annie: Oh-kay.
Katie: Mom, Where is the pump to fill up the squishy part of the slip n slide? I really want it to be squishy.
Mom: In the hall closet. ( Because I am the household supplies clairvoyant.)
Finn: Mom, where is the ibuprofen? I need it for my sunburn.
Mom: In the medicine basket.
Annie: Mom, the phone is for you.
Mom: Take a message and tell them I'll call them back.
Katie: Mom, is the pump in the hall cupboard or the hall drawers?
Mom: The hall cupboard.
Annie: Mom, the music store called and they don't have my recital piece.
Mom: Okay, I'll call them when I get out of the shower.
Katie: Mom, is the pump in the hall cupboard or the hall drawers?
(No, I didn't accidentally type that question twice. She came back and asked it again. I don't know if she didn't hear me or couldn't find it.)
Mom: In the hall cupboard.
No part of these conversations were invented or exaggerated. So much for Calgon takin' me away.


Kerry said...

Alone time? I didn't know you could get it as a mom, even when in the shower. And then if you DO get alone time, you wonder when someone's going to interrupt. :) You're SO funny, Kari!

Thelissa said...

Were there fingers sticking under the door at any time during this conversation? Any notes passed? 'Cause that is what happens at our house. Sometimes I ignore them just to see if they will go away.:)

Natalie said...

All those who think they can shower in peace and quiet, raise their hand...Not so fast there Missy.

Anonymous said...

I think it was me on the phone:)

Sly Family said...

When I found out at book club that you had a blog and heard about the chicken experiment I had to check it out. I can't say that I am at all disappointed because that was so funny. Kids...gotta love them!!!!