Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Pics

Since we have been on an extended road trip for over a week (I'll post more on that later), I am just now getting my Christmas pictures posted. But here are some various pictures of my little ankle-biters on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve when my kids have their "June Cleaver"pajamas on.
Suzie in a new outfit from great-grandma Lois. Yea, she had that headband on for about as long as it took to take the picture.

Katie receiving her personal "piece de resistance" present- Polly Pockets!

This is the second year Annie has received a guitar for Christmas. So far she has been a lot more careful where she stores it so annoying little sisters can't get a hold of it and break it.

"U" blanket I made for Finn and Eric to keep them warm at next year's home games.
Football Finn received to have signed during the aforementioned road trip.

As you can tell, it was a "U" Christmas. Do you think "someone" might be projecting their obsession onto their kids?!?

And this final video is mainly for my parents benefit. This is one of our favorite Christmas Eve traditions. We go to my Uncle David's house with several of my aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids. We sing and dance for awhile and then we turn off all the lights and Santa comes and brings all the kids a present. But you have to be quiet or else you could scare Santa away and Suzie came pretty darn close to doing just that. The video is of the pre-Santa merriment that I know my parents missed.


Amber Ro said...

Oh, I get to be the first poster on your blog-I feel so priveleged! Looks like a red "U" Christmas to me-I hope you also got a blue BYU sweatshirt for you so you don't forget where your true loyalties are.

Amber Ro said...

Ok, I just noticed that I spelled privileged incorrectly. I knew you'd also notice it, so I wanted to be the first to point it out :) LOL!

Wood Family said...

I'm going to narrate Suzie's thoughts while trying to get Bretty to dance... "come on Bretty. Just look at me... I'M FANTASTIC and here I am ready to dance. Let's dance! Here I'll show you how- now look at me while I'm trying to give you instructions. What? Don't just walk away. Here I'll pull you back on the floor and show you AGAIN how to dance. Don't you see, it's me and I'M GREAT:)"

Julie said...

Go public about your support this year. Next year you can go back to being an ALL BYU FAN!! The kids look great. Merry Christmas...we really missed you while you guys were playng Roadie.

Natalie said...

I just love seeing that Baldy get her groove on. I've missed the Suze.

mama missy said...

Wow!Our Suzie really has the moves! She is definitely in charge of all Robbins Family dances in the future!!!
Thanks for all the photos, loved them.

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OK, what is the deal? You have to introduce a LITTLE BYU to those kids, they are getting brainwashed by their dad. . . although I hear the U has a better football team. . . love the pictures and video. I'm glad your parents are on a mission so we get more video. . . even though I know you miss them!